Photography Contest

What Does Fulton County Mean to You?

What does Fulton County mean to you? Take a photograph and share it with us!

Dozens of amateur photographers from across Fulton County and beyond have submitted photographs to share what Fulton County means to them. A committee designed to review the photographs to select three for prizes in our photography contest spent some time reviewing and debating to select the top three submissions. It was a tough decision!

Grand Prize

Submitted by John Rettle of Wauseon, Ohio

This photograph, titled “Waiting Patiently to Show” shares an image of young Maebelle Rettle as she waits patiently to show her 4-H project at the Fulton County Fair.

Runner Up

Submitted by Austin Hylander of Fayette, Ohio

Fulton County has numerous attractions that bring people into our communities every year. One of the major attractions of the county is the Fulton County Fairgrounds. More than 250,000 people visit the fairgrounds every single year to attend events, receptions, agricultural shows and the Fulton County Fair. This photo, titled “Fulton County Fair at Night” highlights attractions at the Fulton County Fairgrounds.

Second Runner Up

Submitted by Austin Hylander of Fayette, Ohio

Fulton County, Ohio is blessed with “hidden resources”, infrastructure that citizens and businesses across the county use on a daily basis, but don’t necessarily think about as they use them. This photograph titled “A Railroad to Everywhere” depicts the Norfolk Southern railroad in Fulton County. Parallel to the railroad are three important utilities that we enjoy in our daily lives. Electric transmission lines run parallel to the railroad overhead and a natural gas line and fiber optic line share space under the ground parallel to the railroad. Surrounding both sides of the railroad are farm fields. The agricultural industry is the #1 economic driver in Fulton County.